The only way a doctor can help a patient is by inquiring. Escape stroke easily. Never wait for complications. It is good to read and know current issues but it is better to read about your own health.

If symptoms of approaching stroke are recognized and proper medical care is immediately instituted, the stroke can be prevented or held in check for many years. A stroke is inevitable. The following symptoms are all characterized by their shortness. Lasting for several only for a minute with no aftereffects, patient is lulled into believing the symptoms are not significant, and, so, he dismisses and ultimately forgets them. They are, however, early warning signals. Watch carefully for the following signals and report to your doctor on time. 

Hearing loss may be partial or complete or for moments or a few minutes.
Nausea, most particularly if it comes and goes quickly.
Numbness or prickling on the face, arms, legs, and side, especially if only on one side.
Falling without known cause either while conscious or blacking out for a few moments. Return to conscious is full complete.
Temporary difficulty in swallowing that is unrelated to any cause.
Momentary difficulty in speaking, such as stammering or a thickness in the throat or tongue.
Headache throbbing in consonance with the heart, of very brief duration and without reason.
Amnesia lasting only a few seconds.
Double vision, a temporary aberration, returning quickly to normal sight.
Difficulty in understanding the written and the spoken word, lasting only a few minutes.
Temporary loss of voluntary muscle control, lasting from seconds to a minute or two.
An inability to feel pain or temperature, usually on one side of the face or the body that disappears quickly.
Brief loss of muscular coördination in the leg, arm, or one side of the body.
Brief paralysis or weakness, usually moderate, of both legs and both arms.
Dizziness- a feeling that everything is spinning, lasting a few seconds.
Inability to recognize persons or things that passes quickly.
Early treatment can block a stroke. Prevention is better than cure.


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