As the driver checks and warms his machine before starting his journey daily, so it is to check our health daily on our own. The respiratory system consists of air tubes and two lungs, each of which is enclosed in an airtight space called pleural cavity. The main air tube, the trachea, extends from the larynx and divides into two main tubes (the bronchi), each of which enters a lung where they branch into multitude of smaller tubes called bronchioles. Respiratory diseases are becoming more common all over the world, particularly highly industrialized countries.

It is very good to know the lung condition every day so that when there is a little change you can easily detect and report to your doctor fast before any complications. The following tests are an adequate step to take for lung efficiency. Try and perform the following test daily.

Expiration test: a stopwatch is used for this test. Take a deep breath; then, with mouth wide open, blow out as fast and as hard as possible. Normal time required is three (3) to four (4) seconds (slightly less time for a young person, slightly more for an older person). Six seconds or longer indicates some obstruction of the lungs which could mean chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and other pulmonary ailments.

Chest expansion test: Measure the chest with a tape measure after normal exhalation (breath out). In measuring male run the tape measure across the nipples; for females, just under the breasts. Measure again at the fullest point of expansion and at the peak of inhalation (breath in). Minimum expansion is from one and half (1 ) to two inches. If it is less, the lungs have lost elasticity. In this case you to go and check in the hospital by physician.

The lungs are very important to our health and so a continuous check of its efficiency will help. You have to you see a medical doctor if you did not get normal value for expiration and chest expansion after the above test to avoid complication which may result in death.

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