Breast milk is the best and safest way of the providing ideal food for the healthy developments of infants.

Knowing well how an object is formed helps you to understand well its usage. How Breast milk is produced is important to health professionals, women and husbands. Breast milk is produced as a result of the action of hormones and reflexes.

1. Hormonal action in breast milk production:

There are two main hormones which help to produce breast milk. They are known as prolactin and oxytocin. These two important hormones prolactin and oxytocin are secreted by a gland in the brain called the pituitary gland. During pregnancy, hormones prepare the gland tissue of the breast to produce milk.

Have you ever experienced annoyance posed by the sound changes of person snoring before? Can you imagine after stressful day's work if your partner will not allow you to sleep well because of his or her fearful snoring sounds. Snoring annoy to an extent that you will like to put trees into ears.
 Snoring is due to vibration of the soft palate or elongated uvula, which is often caused by sleeping on the back with the mouth open and breathing partly through the nose. Any obstruction in the nose will increase likelihood of snoring. In Children, many cases of snoring are due to enlarged tonsils and adenoids. Adenoids are tonsil-like growth in the back of the nasal passage in the throat. Inflammation of the adenoids are called Adenoiditis.

As the driver checks and warms his machine before starting his journey daily, so it is to check our health daily on our own. The respiratory system consists of air tubes and two lungs, each of which is enclosed in an airtight space called pleural cavity. The main air tube, the trachea, extends from the larynx and divides into two main tubes (the bronchi), each of which enters a lung where they branch into multitude of smaller tubes called bronchioles. Respiratory diseases are becoming more common all over the world, particularly highly industrialized countries.

An otologist can test for hearing loss with an audiometer, which can be increased decibel by decibel. A 20-decibel loss means you have difficulty hearing in theater. A 30-decibel loss means you cannot hear well in a living room and you are in need of a hearing aid. A 50-decibel loss indicates you cannot hear well even on the telephone.

Stretching is invaluable for all ages, but it is particularly essential for the sedentary and middle-aged. As soon as your eyes open, while you are still contemplating facing the day, begin your exercise.

The only way a doctor can help a patient is by inquiring. Escape stroke easily. Never wait for complications. It is good to read and know current issues but it is better to read about your own health.

If symptoms of approaching stroke are recognized and proper medical care is immediately instituted, the stroke can be prevented or held in check for many years. A stroke is inevitable. The following symptoms are all characterized by their shortness. Lasting for several only for a minute with no aftereffects, patient is lulled into believing the symptoms are not significant, and, so, he dismisses and ultimately forgets them. They are, however, early warning signals. Watch carefully for the following signals and report to your doctor on time. 

Я слухняним був весь вечір,
Мамі справно помагав.
Знаю добре, що малечі
Миколай заповідав:
"Будьте чемні, справедливі,
Поважайте матерів,
І тоді на Миколая
Вже чекайте пирогів".
Чобітки свої начистив,
На вікно їх положив
І чекаю, Миколаю!
Щоб мене ти пригостив.
Свято вічне і жадане
Для дітвори довгождане.
Ну, прийди ж! Тебе чекаю! 

Срібна земля Закарпаття -
України дивоцвіт,
Тут живуть народи-браття,
Про це знає увесь світ.

Тут живуть народи горді.
Працьовиті, як ніде.
З коломийчиних мелодій
Життєдайний дух іде.

Тут високі полонини,
Тут Говерли висота.
Тут стрімкі потоки-ріки,
Едельвейсова краса.

Тут спочила Божа ласка:
Літео щедре, зимограй.
Хочеш золота? Будь ласка!
Хоч водиці? Вибирай!

Моє миле Закарпаття -
Центр Європи, світу центр!
Шляхом волі, братства, щастя
Йде вперед, тільки вперед.

Зима ходить гаєм,
Полями, лісами.
Дивиться, чи снігом
Все позасипала,
Зазирне під кущик,
На дерева гляне,
На річках, в озерцях
Щілинки шукає.
Все позамітала.
Кругом біло стало.
Трохи відпочила
І знову почала...

Я пішов у лісок,
Де живе мій дружок
І хатина у нього смерека.
А там скрипка-душа!
І там гама уся:
Соль-мі-ля,  ре-сі-ля, фа-до-ля.

Хто там грав,  цвікунець?
А чи брат вітерець,
Що по струнах-смереках пройшовся?
Гей, там рифми в росі,
У вас ноти усі?
Соль-мі-сі, ре-ля-сі, фа-до-сі?

Там дівча по росі,
В її довгій косі
Під мелодію "Вальс Мендельсона"
По косі, по струні
Грають ноти самі:
Соль-ля-мі, ре-сі-мі, фа-до-мі.

Йшов і я по весні,
Йшов назустріч судьбі
По усіяній цвітом поляні,
І зустрів її я
Ту, що доля моя.
Соль-мі-ля, ре-сі-ля, фа-до-ля.



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